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The Man You Need to Marry


Are you single and waiting on God for your husband?
Do you often wonder if your standards for a man are too high or too low?
Do you desire to know the kind of husband a Christian woman needs?
Do you sometimes wonder whether you should marry the man you are dating?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Man You Need to Marry is specifically for you. 

You have issues - we all do - and you need to recognize the man who will stand by you during difficult times and who is spiritually equipped to lead you and give you covenant love. In this book, you will discover several characteristics of the man you need to marry that demonstrate your husband will love you like Jesus loves the Church and that he is especially anointed by God to love you

You will meet seven women, relate to their issues, and witness their transformation upon encountering a man who loved them:

• The Healed Woman in Mark 5
• The Absolved Woman in John 8
• Mary of Magdala
• The Forgiven Woman in Luke 7
• The Liberated Woman in John 4
• Mary of Bethany
• The Widow Giver in Mark 12
With over 30 journaling prompts, prepare to have an engaging and intimate journey of reflection and self-assessment regarding your desires for a husband, your readiness for a godly marriage, and your commitment to being the woman a man needs to marry.




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